Based in Brussels, Belgium, in the heart of Europe, HM3A is an independent specialist consultancy specialized in market access for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We are committed to deliver value and quality through objective and effective advice to clients on all matters related to obtaining and maintaining access to market in Europe.                                                           .

We will work with you to analyse, strategize and implement value added solutions

Our small core of five partners, accrued, together, more than 100 years of experience and expertise. We work with a selection of very experienced consultants. Through our network, we work with leading experts in strategically important fields.      HM3A is a one-stop shop to bring you and your products to market from A to Z!

Our Services:

Strategic Market Access and Commercialization

Consultancy Pricing and Reimbursement

Strategy and Tactics Development of value propositions

Payer research Value dossier and HTA submissions

Regulatory, Governmental and Public Affairs

Early market access

Business development

Market access part of due diligence


Tom Martin & Associates/TMA

Established in 1998, Tom Martin & Associates/TMA have a long track record of undertaking high quality consultancy services on behalf of national and overseas clients in both the private and public sectors. TMA provide a range of consultancy services including feasibility studies; market access and reimbursement studies; and, sectoral studies. TMA have carried out a number of market access and reimbursement assignments relating to the medical devices both in Ireland and internationally. He has presented at trade workshops and seminars on medical device reimbursement. Tom Martin is a founder member of Agora Consulting which provides consultancy services in relation to market access and reimbursement for the pharma, medical devices and biotech sectors, in Europe and the US. TMA adhere to the professional quality standards laid down by the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers, of which we are a registered practice.

accella advisors offers tailor-made solutions for strategic & operational issues through a full range of advisory services by its own team and network partners. We support you in setting up business plan & strategy and help you to find investors, funds or cooperations partners. We also take over management positions -interimistically- or help you to close the management gaps in your team

Seijgraaf Consultancy: over thirty years of experience in healthcare financing consultancy

Seijgraaf Consultancy is the perfect party to answer all your questions in the area of market access and reimbursement in healthcare in The Netherlands. Our company combines a thorough knowledge of the Dutch healthcare system with many years of experience.

Seijgraaf Consultancy was founded in 1985. Since then, approximately 565 customers from the Netherlands and abroad have been registered.

In Europe, Seijgraaf Consultancy works closely together with a cooperating partner, IHC Consultancy in the field of European market access and reimbursement.

Seijgraaf Consultancy has the following areas of expertise:

Market access
Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, Seijgraaf Consultancy is able to advice and to provide guidance throughout the process, from product development to the eventual market entrance, and all phases in between. Together with the manufacturers or distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical devices or medical technology, we develop and execute the best strategy for a successful market introduction of the new product.

Seijgraaf Consultancy offers its services for strategic advice, (guidance during) building the necessary files, project management, or a combination of these activities.

For a successful market introduction of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and medical technologies, it’s of great importance that the product or technology fits in the Dutch reimbursement system. Seijgraaf Consultancy knows what it takes to achieve this, and gives advice during the composition of the necessary files where reimbursement can be based upon.

Strategy development

Through brain storm sessions, market research and analysis of (European) options, Seijgraaf Consultancy assists in the positioning of products on the Dutch and/or on the European market, and in the development of healthcare concepts.

medical concept has proven for more than 25 years - success is no accident.


At medical concept Inc. we know the actual life is a balancing act – this is especially true for a successful life in health business. The changing environment that health payers face is transforming the health industry since we started our activities more than 25 years ago.
During the past 25 years we have developed a lot of successful strategies and new tools for the purpose of successful positioning of drugs and health products – and just as you: we never stopped learning. After more than 25 years in health business, today we know better than ever before: Not only the US health industry is currently undergoing a seismic shift – yesterday`s marketing tools are not working today because yesterday’s customer is not tomorrow’s customer and the changing wheels run faster than ever before. Today we are able to run the whole process from the registration of health products with the FDA to the recommendation and prescription in Dr’s office and the supplying of patients in record time and with record numbers.Why? – for more than 25 years we never lost the focus.